Why Cleaning Your Kitchen Should Be a Priority

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Sure, any unclean surface in your home can harbor germs, but have you ever thought of how easy it is for germs to grow in a kitchen? There's plenty of food and moisture and heat available to make bacteria feel right at home.

You might clean your kitchen every week or have housekeeping services tackle it, but it's safest to clean every time you use the kitchen. Here are three of the areas where germs tend to grow most easily:


If there's anything lurking in your kitchen, it's probably hanging out in your sponge. They have been proven to be a perfect place for growing all sorts of bacteria. Also, while rags and brushes aren't quite as bad, they also harbor and grow germs.

Solution? Use a fresh rag every day and send your sponges and brushes through a dishwasher cycle with your other dishes. If you don't have a dishwasher, dampen your sponge and microwave for 2 minutes.

The Kitchen Sink

You wash everything in the sink: food, dishes, toys, your hands. While it's nice to think that all of the germs flush down with the water, that's unfortunately not true. Your best bet is to clean the sink every time you're using it with food and at least once a day otherwise. A quick spritz of vinegar and water or disinfectant cleanser left to soak followed by a wipe down will do the trick.


Hands touch the handles to you refrigerator, oven, and cabinets every day, and chances are, they're often dirty! These are surfaces we don't often think to clean, but they're just as important as everything else. Whatever you normally use to clean and disinfect should work fine on your handles, as well.  


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