Washing Clothes Properly

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Having said that, use the following tips to ensure that your clothes will come out like new: 

Care for Your Colored Clothes 

1. When separating your clothes, make sure you separate the new ones from the old ones. If you just bought your colored clothing, there is a high chance that the color will bleed when you wash it. This is why you need to new garments separately first or soak them in a tub full of water mixed with a bit of vinegar to set the color. 

2. Choose your detergent properly. Some detergent brands contain hints of bleach so they might cause discoloration to happen. Pick a detergent intended for the use of colored clothes so the color can really be preserved. 

3. Before washing them, turn them inside and out. This will prevent the outer portion of the garment from wearing out easily. It will also allow the inner portion of the garment to get washed properly. 

4. Avoid using hot water cycle to clean colored garments as this might cause the color to fade away easily. Try running warm or cold water cycles only. Also, hot water tends to cause the color to bleed. 

Care for Your White Clothes 

1. Separate them from clothes with colors. If some of your white garments have colored collars or sleeve piping, you might want to separate them from the rest of your laundry because they still tend to bleed. 

2. Get rid of stains before dumping in the washer. Try to soak the stained garments in a stain removing solution overnight to loosen up or dissolve deep-seated stains. The next morning, you can add those pre-washed clothes with the rest of your laundry. 

3. Turn them inside and out as well to avoid wearing out or staining the outer portion of the clothes. 

4. Look for detergent that will work better in making white clothes look whiter. 

5. Try installing a water filter. Hard minerals and rust in tap water can make white clothes look yellow and dingy. 

6. Rinse detergent residues well to prevent them from hardening up on white clothes. 

7. Deodorant stains can make the armpit of white clothes look yellow. Try soaking those areas in vinegar first before washing. 


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