Vinegar, the Miracle Acid

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Acidic white vinegar is most commonly known as an important cooking ingredient. This ingredient is used in a wide range of recipes, such as potato chips, sushi, and various cooking sauces. However, this ingredient with a bit of a kick isn’t useful for solely cooking.

Vinegar is also an excellent solution to household cleaning. As an environmentally friendly acid, vinegar is an excellent tool for cleaning your house without the need for harmful, dangerous chemicals. The uses for vinegar in the home as a cleaning solution are perhaps even more varied than its use as a cooking ingredient. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a bottle of white vinegar, it’s perfect for your cooking and cleaning purposes. (Note: Get white vinegar, it’s pure and would be the most effective in all cases.)

Uses of Vinegar in the Home

  • Goodbye stench: Your fridge, counters and drains might start to develop their own nasty stench after being used for a while. Use vinegar to clean these stinkers and smell the stench goes away. An added bonus is that clogs building up in those drains may also be cleared out.
  • Getting rid of grease: Use a sponge dipped in vinegar to scrub out grease in places like your oven. 
  • Make chrome shine: Use vinegar mixed with salt to rid your chrome sink and tub fixtures of mineral buildup and give them a healthy clean shine. This can be used on any metal in your home, and even porcelain and counters.
  • Clean and protect glass: Your favorite glasses are becoming cloudy? Wrap a vinegar soaked paper towel around the glasses and it’ll clear them up. If you’re worried about your nicer glasses becoming etched by minerals when cleaned use a little vinegar after cleaning, just make sure to rinse it out again afterward.
  • Keep ants away: Take a little vinegar and spray it in spots where ants are known to enter. A simple way to keep your home free of one of the most annoying of pests.
  • Forget acetone: Have a label or sticker you can’t get rid of? Why use acetone, when you can just easily scrub it out using vinegar.
  • Refresh carpets: Most cleaners should be kept away from carpets; they may bleach or ruin them. Vinegar, however, can bring out the colors of your carpeting, giving it a fresh new carpet look. 
  • Sanitize: That’s right, vinegar can be used as a sanitizer, killing off dangerous germs in your bathroom and other high traffic dirty areas.
  • Clean floors: Vinegar really is an all-purpose cleaner. After using it to wash your surfaces go ahead and turn it into a floor cleaner and give your linoleum and tiled floors a good cleaning. Vinegar is perfect for also getting rid of stains, making it the perfect and most versatile of cleaners.


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