Tips on Keeping Plants Fresh In Your Home

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House plants are just great to have; they add beauty to your home while also providing oxygen to the air. But how do you keep them healthy and looking fresh? Plants typically have different soil type, water and sunlight requirements and it’s important to research different varieties to determine their exact needs.

Keeping house plants fresh

1. Choose the appropriate pot size

One thing you should expect about young plants is that they will one day outgrow the pot they’re currently potted in. To ensure their roots have enough room to grow, make sure you choose a flower pot 2 inches bigger or so than the one the plants are currently in. Then, as they grow, transplant them into another pot, 2 inches bigger than the last.

2. Know when to add new soil 

With time, soil tends to lose minerals & vitamins contained in it. Every time you transplant plants, try to add in new soil. Just fill the new pot with fresh soil and then insert the plant. If your plant has fresh soil in the pot, it will be able to get all the nutrients it needs to grow and will therefore look fresh.

3. Make sure they get enough sunlight

Sunlight is the life source of a plant. If your house plants are on a shelf or areas where there’s no window nearby, they won’t be getting enough sunlight and as a result won’t be as healthy as you’d want. You can use windowsills or artificial lights, but the best is natural sunlight. So try to place them in areas where they can get enough sunshine.

4. Remember to water the plants 

All plants, no matter the type or species, need water. So, in the event you forget to water your house plant, it could mean the end of it. But even over watering plants can affect their growth and, even worse, cause them to die. It’s a good idea to have a watering routine and always try to stick to it. If a plant is given a particular amount of water on a regular schedule, it is never without and therefore does not risk wilting or dying.


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