Things You Shouldn't Do To Your Vacuum Cleaner

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We rely on our vacuums a whole lot. Without them, our floors and carpets would be full of gross things! But sometimes people do things you shouldn't do to your vacuum cleaner. The following lists a few of those things!

1. Vacuuming Hard Objects

So you see a nickel on your floor, and you just have to sucking it up, right? This can be a major error. Instead of simply kneeling to pick it up, sucking up the hard object may have caused serious internal damage to your vacuum.

2. Don't Vacuum Water!

Standard vacuums are not meant for sucking up water. Again, you could internally damage the machine, but even worse, you could severely electrocute yourself!

3. Use the Vacuum Even If It Is Full

When your vacuum becomes full, empty it! Do not try to continue vacuuming and expect the performance of the machine to be unaffected. Running with a full vacuum can also cause the machine to overheat, permanently damaging interior components.

4. Watch Out For The Chord!

Vacuum chords are designed to withstand you rolling over them, but think about what you are doing. You are running a machine with a spinning wheel over an electric chord. The same force that is caused by the vacuum is what is acting on the chord, and may cause fraying of the chord. This is not safe!

5. Throwing It Out Because You Think It Is Broken

If your vacuum is not performing the way it used to, do not just assume it is broken and throw it out! Sometimes when the vacuum is full, it performs very poorly. Check to see if it is full, and if so, empty it. If this doesn't work, check to make sure there aren't any blockages. You will want to unplug the vacuum to check this. If your vacuum has over heated and randomly shut off, don't just assume the motor died! Again, check to see if the vacuum is full, give it some time to cool down, and try again! Don't throw out a perfectly fine machine!


A lot of people (including myself) do things you shouldn't do with their vacuum. Hopefully this list will help you prevent these actions!


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