The No-Mess Formula to Decorating Your Coffee Table

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Décor is all about interest and balance, but sometimes that can be hard to achieve, especially if you’ve been looking at something long enough.

For instance, how often does your coffee table change its look? Probably not too often! That’s why House Beautiful offers decorating “formulas,” and one of them is specifically for your coffee table.

Next time you want a new look in your living room, try following this formula:

Step #1: Find something tall. This could be nearly anything, but some of the more popular choices are long, thin vases, wide and tall hurricane vases, and candle sticks.

Step #2: Add something unique. Find a small item that you just like. It could be a small statue, a ceramic bird, a mini teapot, or a simple crystal.

Step #3: Make it fresh. Fresh plants make a room feel alive, so add some fresh cut flowers in a vase or even a lush potted plant.

Step #4: Some light reading. Books and magazines have always been a staple on coffee tables, so find a few you love, stack them up neatly, and top them off with something decorative.

Remember that “formulas” are only good up to a point: decorating your home is about having the home you want. Every room in your home should reflect something that you like or a part of your personality and lifestyle.

Decorating is as much about being comfortable in your space as it is having a beautiful place for guests. 


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