Organize Your Grocery Day: The Master List

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Whether you go to the grocery store to stock up once a week or you run to the grocery store every few days, a master list will help you find organization in your shopping as well as ensuring you don’t buy things you already have (unless they are on sale!).

The master list is one of a few principles that can help your grocery shopping go more smoothly. Meal planning and house cleaning before you shop (or letting the maid services clean while you’re gone) can also make your grocery efforts more fruitful.

How to Make a Master List

The master list is simply a list of groceries you always need. Some of the things you buy are occasional: the special ingredient for your grandma’s secret sauce or the blueberry muffins on sale this week. Some things you always want in your house. This might include things like bread, rice, pasta, peanut butter, cheese, milk, and eggs. It can also include non-food items like laundry detergent and shampoo.

Take a few minutes to think about those things your family uses all the time, and make those part of the master list. If it helps, break them into categories: “Meats,” “Dairy,” and “Produce” are some you can use right away.

Using a Master List to Streamline Shopping

When it’s time to make your grocery list, consult your master list and your meal planner (if you have one). Go down your master list and decide if you need more of that item or not. If you do, add it to your current list.

Then check your list against the meal planner. Which of the rarer ingredients do you need this week? Fill in those on your list, too.

Doing this ensures you buy only what you need, saving you money and time while still making sure you get everything you need and want. 


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