Maintaining Your Washing Machine

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gsappp-dsc-2428-120213Your washing machine is one of the hardest-working appliances in your home. It cleans a hamper’s worth of dirty attire in less than 60 minutes and mysteriously removes all sorts of stains. Like any other home appliance, in order to keep it functioning properly routine maintenance is a necessity. Below are some effective ways to maintain your washing machine: 

Inspect the Hoses 

Check the rubber hoses that supply cold and hot water for any signs of weakness or wear several times a year. Hoses tend to become brittle over time, and cracking, blistering, or any other kind of damage could cause it to leak or burst, resulting in very costly flooding. So make sure to check those hoses!  

Follow Your Owner’s Manual for: 

  • Proper loading sizes
  • The appropriate amount of detergent   
  • And all other important maintenance instructions  

Keep It Level  

If the machine is not evenly settled on the floor, it may rock back and forth. This rocking can destabilize the machine’s drum, which can make it malfunction. Also, if it is not secure it could move and damage other items in your laundry room. Make sure that the machine is level, and you may want to place a plastic floor protector under it to try to keep it in its place.

Clean the Inside and Outside  

You should use a mild cleaning agent to remove detergent residue inside the washer tubs at least once a month. There are also cleaners designed specifically to clean washers that are available at most household goods stores. Clean the fabric softener dispenser periodically, and polish the outside to remove stains caused by spilled detergent, fabric softener, and stain remover.

And while you are making sure your washing machine stays functioning for years to come, let The Maids of Scottsdale, in Phoenix, Arizona, assist you with your house cleaning needs.

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