Maid Services Tip: Weatherproofing Windows and Doors

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fa76c1f730c564Most homeowners are aware that windows and doors are two of the greatest sources of heat loss in a home. Even though energy efficient windows can be used to reduce this problem, effective weatherproofing is still a must, especially during the winter season. Here are some steps to weatherproofing:

Inspecting the Area Around Your Windows and Doors

It’s very important that you visually inspect the area around your windows and doors to reveal any possible access points for air.

Check and Seal Any Gaps

Place a piece of white paper between the bottom of your door or window and its threshold, close it, and then pull out the paper slowly. The amount of debris you collect will determine the tightness of the seal.

Weather Stripping

Check for weather stripping around the exterior areas of your windows and doors. If you find that you need to replace any old or damaged weather stripping, you should first remove the ones in place. Afterward, determine what type of weather stripping you need and carefully follow the manufacturer’s directions for installation.

Start at the bottom, and slowly move your way up the door or window frame. Make sure that the foam sticks evenly to all the corners. Once you’re through, cut off the excess and press all the ends firmly into their corners. If everything appears to be alright, you can remove the tape covering.

Fix the Larger Gaps With a Backer Rod

You can use a backer rod to fill the larger gaps. Simply measure the rod from side to side, and cut a piece that will fit. The main goal of this is to seal off any air penetration. You can also seal one side of the cut piece and then push it into the gap as far as it will go. In most cases, windows and doors with larger gaps require more than one piece.

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