Give New Life to Boring Floors

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Chances are, you don't give your floors too much thought as a design element. You have your carpet or your hard floor and maybe a rug or two, but it might not be something you've thought much about.

There are some interesting ways to make your floors look new and much more dynamic. If you're looking for something fresh for your home and can't seem to find exactly what you're looking for, changing the floor might be just what you need!


The entryway sets the tone for any guests first impression, so you want it to say something about the rest of the house. Whether you do this with a rug or you paint the floor, think of a way to make a statement from the very beginning.

This could be a bold pattern or bright color on a rug, or something you've painted on the floor itself: bold colors, stencils, designs. However you choose to do it, setting up the entryway floor will help make others feel welcome and bring attention to itself in the right way.


Stair risers are actually a great place to add some color and energy without too much work. Pick something that suits your taste but stands out: a lighter color, a dark color, or an interesting pattern works well.

If you want to really draw attention to it, paint the risers in different colors or patterns—a separate design for each riser.

Checkerboard Floor

There are a lot of places in your house in which an unexpected pattern could be a huge benefit to the space. It might be a hallway, a landing, or a nook, but if there's somewhere in your house that feels boring, adding a checkerboard pattern is a good way to inject energy and youthfulness into the space.

You can do this with a checkerboard rug or, if you're artistic, paint the pattern on yourself. It is imperative to use painter's tape to mark off the pattern, though!

Have you ever used something bold on your floor? Does it sound interesting? Give it a shot, and you might be surprised how much you like it! 


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