Five Places for Pegboards

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Pegboards are an under utilized tools for organizing in most homes. Most of this is because homeowners are used to seeing pegboards in garages and workshops, not in their kitchens and craft areas.

The house cleaning and organizing potential of pegboards is too good to be wasted, though; so take a look at these other ways to make use of pegboards:

The Kitchen. All those little odds and ends all over your counter can be kept close at hand but out of the way by using small containers and pegboard. Paint the pegboard to match your kitchen décor, then hang small containers, tools, dish towels, and pot holders from it.

Crafting Corner. Is your crafting corner more like organized chaos? You can make more room for yourself by hanging things on a pegboard in your workspace (painted, of course!). From tools like hole punches and hot glue guns to frills like ribbons and papers, a pegboard can keep all of those things neatly organized for you.

The Closet. Chances are, you have many odds and ends in your closet, like belts, scarves, and handbags. Hanging a pegboard on one wall of your closet can give you a convenient place to put these.

Your Desk. Wouldn’t you love to have just a little more workspace? By moving a lot of your desk accessories and tools to the wall via a pegboard, you’ll open a lot of space for yourself on your desk!

Where have you used a pegboard? Was it helpful? 


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