Enhance the Visual Appeal of Décor in Your Home with New Trim

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Do you reserve your busy time to do house cleaning so your home looks wonderful? There are several things that can take away from that visual appeal, no matter how hard you try. Moulding, which is also known as either molding or trim, is among the things that diminish visual appeal. Scuff marks, wine or juice stains, shoe scuff marks, sun fading damage, cracked wood, etc. can take away from that appeal you dedicate your time trying to achieve. It may be time to purchase new moulding and make your cleaning efforts look that much better.

Materials are important to know when it comes to interior moulding. You can find them in oak, pine, composite, polyurethane, vinyl, and many other materials. Strength and durability apply to oak, polyurethane, and vinyl. Pine is not as strong, but it usually does not have much of a problem in that area. Ease of cleaning is best for composite, polyurethane and vinyl, but pine and oak can be too, depending on finish.

Finishes can vary with moulding, but all options fall within a few categories. Finished, primed, and unfinished options are available. The finished choice can include pre-painted or pre-stained finishes. Primed trim allows you to paint with whatever you’d like. Unfinished trim provides the extra benefit of paint and stain options. In addition, unfinished allows you full control over stain and paint type, as well as color, tone, and gloss.

Sizes can vary depending on the type of moulding, such as base moulding for the floor to wall areas, door and window casings for covering the drywall to door gaps, ceiling to wall to hide the rough joints between the two, corner trim for decorating edges on cabinets and other woodworking items. Designs will vary too, depending on where you look. No matter what you choose, this information will help to get you there and help you find what you truly need. Aside from that, it will also enhance your home’s visual appeal, while making every cleaning effort that much more enjoyable.


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