Do You Hide Your Clutter?

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Is your clutter all over your house, or do you keep it hidden in closed off rooms and closets? Organizational expert Peter Walsh looked at the different ways and reasons people collect clutter for O Magazine, and the very first type he covered is probably one of the most common: the perfectionist.

The Signs

According to Walsh, the signs of perfectionist-inspired clutter are:

  • A beautiful-looking home.
  • Pristine housekeeping in public areas.
  • Clutter hidden away in closets, spare rooms, basements, and/or garages.

If this sounds familiar, read on to find out how to tackle your clutter problems!

The Solution

Walsh has a few suggestions for perfectionist clutterers, starting with some harsh advice: “Get over yourself.” Ouch! But, at its heart, that's good advice: the only one expecting perfection from you is you!

Start your rehabilitation by lowering your expectations just a little. You wouldn't expect others to meet your standards, why do you expect it of yourself? When you stop shaming yourself for the things that don't get done, you can appreciate the things that do get done!

The second tip is to break it down into manageable chunks, otherwise you'll get overwhelmed. Pick one area and set a time limit. Only work in that area, and only work within the time limit. You'll make progress over time without getting bogged down in the clutter.

It's a big step for someone who's a perfectionist, but if you really want your house to stay clean, cleaning services are a great resource! Get your clutter gone and your enjoyment back by letting yourself off the hook.


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