De-Clutter Your Living Room

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Even if your living room looks great, you may occasionally find yourself home to a significant amount of clutter you didn’t even know you had. Things like magazines, remotes, phones, and books can get scattered easily and create a mess, adding to your house cleaning time every week. 

The best way to fix this is by finding ways to hide your things in plain sight. Baskets and trays will change the way your living room functions. Try these out when you’re tired of things getting spread around the room:

Put Magazines in Trays. Magazines left out on a table can easily get moved, knocked over, or start to look worn and rough as they get read. Instead, find a few trays that suit your living room, and keep your magazines in the tray.

This way, they’re more contained, but they are still all within easy reach.

Use Baskets Liberally. Wherever you can put a basket, go for it, and then use it to store stuff you don’t immediately need. Remotes, DVDs, games, books—anything you want to keep in the room but don’t want cluttering the space can find a home in a basket.

If you have extra throws and pillows you like to switch out, you can use a basket or the hidden storage in an ottoman or chest to store them nearby without laying them out.

Give the Kids a Place. Create a basket or container that fits into your space but that is low and accessible for your children to reach, then limit the amount of toys they can have in the living room to what fits in the container. Encourage them to put their toys away whenever they finish playing, and keep a special home for the toy basket in the living room so they know exactly where to put it every time.

A few baskets and trays can go a long way in helping your living room look neat and tidy! 


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