Creative Ways to Display Papers and Photographs

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The front of the refrigerator is a wonderful place to display all sorts of things from kids’ schoolwork and drawings to special cards and letters. Unfortunately, you can’t keep something on the fridge forever—your maid service will appreciate the chance to wipe down your fridge exterior!—so where does it go when it’s time is done?

Sometimes, it’s okay to throw it away as you do your normal housekeeping. Other times, it’s something special you want to keep close at hand or display. To keep piles of clutter from developing, finding ways to show off your special papers is important. If you can’t settle on an idea, here are four to try:


Framing is a classic way to display any document. Certificates, photos, even special letters get this treatment, and it never looks bad. Think about how you arrange them on your wall, and get creative with patterns and themes.

Picture Boards or Cork Boards 

If you have smaller or less formal things to display, picture and cork boards are great ideas. Picture boards have the advantage of not needing pins since your papers slide right into the ribbons on the board, but cork boards are a classic look and are often available in much larger sizes.

Scrapbooks & Photo Albums

Scrapbooks and albums organize and display papers in a way that takes up very little room and has a truly personal touch. Depending on the amount of time you want to spend on the project, a scrapbook can become like a personal work of art, and you will enjoy showing it off.

Prints & Posters

There are plenty of services now that can take your photos and turn them into much larger prints or posters for your house. If it’s a picture you want to remember and display, this might be a great way to do it.


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