Create a Clever Reading Nook

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Do you want a quiet place to read? Maybe you want to try to encourage your kids to read more, but you’re out of ideas. A reading nook is great for both of these things, and you don’t have to add an extra room to do it!

In this clever design from a Martha Stewart home tour, the family turned a pass-through area into a reading nook, but you can do the same thing with any small section of a room or even a closet!


Keep in mind the size of your reading nook area as you gather things to go in it—it doesn’t take much to make a nice nook.

1. Frame it. You want to set this area off as a place of its own. You can do this by adding moulding around the opening of the area (as in the home tour picture) or panel curtains on a rod attached to the wall above opened in the middle.

2. Add a comfy seat. If the area is large enough, you can add an armchair or small mattress. Otherwise, think of smaller solutions like big pillows, an oversized beanbag chair, or a small hang-a-round chair. 

3. Decorate! Add some pictures hanging on the wall or paint your own, add a light or lamp if necessary, and find some great shelves for the nook.

4. Add your favorite books. Arrange your books on shelves. Grab an assortment for everyone in your family and encourage each member to add their own.

When all you want to do is curl up somewhere quietly to read, a family reading nook is a great idea for everyone! 


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