Cleaning the Bathroom More Efficiently

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The bathroom is the one chore no one wants to do and the one everyone is glad maid services does well—the whole prospect of cleaning the bathroom can make you want to give up!

However, if you want to keep the bathroom clean between maid visits or big cleanings, these tips can help you be quick and efficient as you clean.

1. Dry the toilet brush. Scrub the toilet with the toilet brush, then hang it from the edge of the toilet seat and let it drip dry into the toilet. Most people have dirty toilet brushes, but no one likes to clean with them. Do this trick every time, and your brush will go back into its holder dry and stay clean.

2. Simplify your cleaners. You can use one or two cleaners effectively throughout the bathroom rather than having different cleansers for each thing you want to do. One of the most effective is vinegar and water, which are a great cleaning and disinfecting combo when mixed in a handy sprayer.

Keep half a lemon or a little baking soda around for hard water stains, and you are set for cleaning!

3. Use reusable cloths. Microfiber cloths are extremely popular with homeowners across the nation, and there are a lot of reasons for this: first, microfiber cleans amazingly well. When it’s dry, dust sticks to it. When it’s wet, it becomes the only rag you need. Second, it’s reusable and much sturdier than paper towels.

Try using microfiber cloths or other reusable cloths to limit the amount of paper towels you use or laundry you have to do! 


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