Bet You Didn’t Clean There: Cleaning Your Doors

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In the midst of house cleaning, do you think much about your doors? Chances are, you clean around them a lot, but don’t stop to clean the doors themselves. If you’ve been overlooking them, now is the time to clean them.

It’s simple and faster than you might think, but make sure you hit every part of the door!

Remove the Dust

You might not see visible dust, but it’s there. Grab a soft (or microfiber) cloth and dust all over the door—including the top of the door, each edge, the opening mechanism, and the doorknob.

Wash the Door Itself

If you have a standard door, you can do this very easily with a little bit of water and vinegar or a tiny squirt of dishsoap in a small bucket of water. Wash as normal with a damp cloth, again being sure to hit those areas you can’t see.

If you have natural wood or specially-treated paint, you might need to double check on requirements. For wood, you should be able to find a safe and effective wood cleaner. For special paints, check with the manufacturer’s website to be on the safe side.

Dry it Off

Letting it air dry is probably your best bet to avoid streaks, but if you need to dry it, buff slowly in a circular motion for best results.

If your door has windows, wash them separately as you would any other window. Your front door has probably been crying for a good wash, so don’t wait; it'll only take you a few minutes.

If you need help getting the cleaning back under control or you just don’t have time, give maid services a call! 


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