Aesthetic Attachment: Decorating Inspiration from the Things You Love

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Are you building your holiday collection and décor but find it lacking? As you're house cleaning and regarding your decorations with a keen eye, it’s okay to admit you don’t like what you have so far. Unfortunately, it can be harder to find the right holiday decorations, theme, or setup that you love and instantly reminds you of the holidays in a nostalgic but new way.

As with a lot of things like this, there is a trick to finding a direction for your design, and it comes down to a few of your favorite things.

Pick Out the Things You Love the Most

Look at the holiday décor you already have, and make sure you look at everything: ornaments, tablecloths, tree skirts, candles, centerpieces, wrapping paper, ribbon, knick knacks. From your entire collection pick 3-5 things that you consider your absolute favorites, specifically items you can't imagine a holiday without.

Once you find them, lay them out on a table together so you can take a good look at them apart from everything else. 

Figure Out the “Why”

The next question is simple in the asking, but it might be harder for you to answer. Take a pen and paper and look at each item one-by-one. Why do you love it? What makes it special to you? Is it a memory? Is it a fabric, pattern, or material you like? Whatever it is, write it down. Write down each of the qualities that make you items special to you.

Turn That Into Design

It sounds easier than it is, of course; but it’s still not as hard as you think. Look closely at the list of qualities you’ve created, and then get decorations that match the list. If there’s a particular texture or color of fabric you liked, look for that theme in other places and use it to complement your collection.

If you wrote that  you liked an ornament because the style reminded you of the kind you had on your childhood tree, look for more ornaments and decorations in the style of the ornament: modern, country, or classic.

As you build a collection based on the items you love, and more importantly, the reasons you love them, you will be thrilled with the results.

Of course, decorating a messy home is frustrating and never looks the way you want it to. Don’t wait to call cleaning services for help before you decorate!


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