A Christmas Gift Idea for Anyone On Your List

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The other day, someone asked a friend, “What do you want for Christmas?”

Her response? An amused chuckle and simply, “More time!”

Around the holidays especially, everyone needs just a little more time. The schedule is too tight, the plans; too involved. Time is not something you can wrap up in a bow and put under the tree. Or is it?

The Gift of Time

Unless you have discovered time travel this week, the truth is you can’t give someone more time. What you can give them, however; are gifts that save time so they have more of their own at their disposal. This is not as hard as it sounds!

All it requires is thinking of the tasks your recipient will always need done, and do some of them or arrange to have them done. Whether you do the work yourself or hire someone to do it, when your friend is sipping coffee or hot chocolate and watching TV with the family instead of doing chores and mindless tasks, you will know you gave the right gift.

Here are some ideas for gifts that will help save time:

  • House cleaning/Maid services. House cleaning takes time away from anything else your recipient needs ro wants to do, and either helping them clean or getting a cleaning gift card will be a much appreciated gift.
  • Dinner. Baking a casserole and taking it to a friend used to be common practice—maybe you an help bring it back as a gift holiday gift.
  • Decorating. If you know someone limited by physical disability or illness, offer to help decorate their house. It will be a gift neither of you ever forget.
  • Babysitting. Whether it’s just an afternoon to run errands or a night out, tired parents could use a break, and this will be a welcome gift.
  • Dog walking. This is especially great if you also have a pet. Bring the two together and go for a walk.

Whatever you choose, these gifts will bring a smile to any face!


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