Socorro, Victoria and Alma are the absolute best! We have had 3 cleanings so far and have been extremely impressed with their attention to detail and thoroughness! They are also the sweetest women ever. We feel so lucky to have them working on our monthly service!


I was EXTREMELY happy with the results of my house being cleaned by the team. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived home to see the house "sparkling". They had done some things that I would have never expected to have been done. I would definitely recommend them and use them again.


Cheyanne and her team did a super cleaning job. Very happy with the crew and also with all the attention given to us by the staff in the office.


Sandy is a terrific team leader. The women with her are very good workers. Thorough, pleasant, respectful of the house.


Team 4 is professional, efficient, thorough, friendly, and dependable. Your office staff, especially Jessica, is totally on the ball and can easily accommodate our needs with a friendly and professional attitude. Very pleased with everything about your service. Have used the Maids for years and will continue to.


They are always very efficient and ask if there is anything special that they need to do. They are the best cleaning service in Scottsdale.


I liked that the ladies were on-time (early actually), very friendly, professional and thorough. My house has never looked better and I'm a really picky neat freak person. I also liked that the house gets cleaned so quickly with 4 people at once vs. me doing myself & it taking me all day. I liked that Matt came by to introduce himself & check out the house & how the ladies were doing & help them out with any questions/issues they had. It seemed like a very strong team approach to getting the best job possible done in the least amount of time. I couldn't be happier & will definitely use them on a regular basis going forward. Thank you very much!


The girls are on time, I always have the same team and they are detail oriented. They always ask if there's anything special and I trust them enough that I can leave my home to go shopping and you know that everything in my house is taken care of and extremely safe. I also like the management team. They are easy to work with if I need to rearrange my schedule and I appreciate everything.


The team did a fantastic job of post construction cleaning. Everything was done as requested in a timely fashion. Was very pleased with the results.


I think there istwo important things about this service, one it's highly reliable, the folks show up when you're scheduled to show up every single time even if they're gonna be just a few minutes late we get a call. You know the predictability given a busy schedule, it's very important to us. So one is the reliability. The second is the quality of the work. Actually that might be a tie for first. When we get home the house is absolutely a joy to come into. We've had the same team for a while and that's a tremendous asset for the mates. These are our ladies who we know, sometimes I have a trainee but even when I have a trainee we know that they aregonna be well supervised. So I think the reliability of high quality work and having the same team consistently is a huge asset as long as we have the same team I couldn't imagine we’d even ever think of leaving the maid service. My wife mentioned the office staff Jessica and Matt add a great deal to the service. They call every week of our service. If we have to rearrange because of travels or holidays, they're right on top of it. Always checking with us if schedules are very different for any reason and that's another plus, back to the reliability and consistency. I know you usually only think about the folks that actually come and do the cleaning but the management staff in the office is great too. We look forward to continuing our work with the mates for very long time.


We have been using The Maids for almost three years (10 times per year) now & they have done an outstanding job every time. Everyone from this company is extremely professional & we always receive top-notch service. Jessica (Team Coordinator & Business Manager) accommodates my scheduling requests each & every time and is always cheery & more than happy to assist me. She goes out of her way to give me the dates I've requested, even around the holidays - but make sure you give her enough time to realistically meet your date request (they always have a tight schedule, especially around high-demand times of the year). With my specific team (it is so nice to have the same group of individuals because they're familiar with our house & preferences), they're always on time & come in with a pleasant but focused attitude. They're fast but thorough & I never have to go behind them & 'redo' anything - it's always spotless every time! I recognize how lucky we are to have them - in speaking with other homeowners in town, I have discovered just how lucky - we have never had a bad experience with them or ever felt they weren't doing a great job. Pricing is a little bit more, but you pay for good results & trustworthiness! A special thanks goes to Jessica - she has been a joy to work with over the years & I will remain a customer indefinitely!


Excellent. I don't understand how this team cleans this home in 45 minutes to 1 hour! Amazing! 

 Tom R.

Excellent job.Team had a real challenge.Tile had been replaced, dust everywhere. 

 Vera B.

The cleanest my home has been in years! Thank you so much the crew was amazing. 

 Susan B.

They are so pleasant to have around and good workers. 

 Jim C.

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