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Do you travel for work or put in long hours at the office?   Do you argue with roommates over whose turn it is to clean? Are you tired of spending your down time doing housework (if you even have time to do it at all)? If you’re looking for a little light housekeeping, Maids Lite is for you! Designed to help maintain smaller spaces, Maids Lite is the ideal solution for keeping smaller homes, condos, and apartments clean and orderly. Should you have friends stopping by the bachelor pad for a visit or family come in town unexpectedly you won’t have to consider what shape the house is in. Your place will be ready for whatever comes your way. A two-person team can keep your kitchen, common areas and guest bathroom neat and tidy while keeping your budget in check!

Choose Maids Lite, and a 2-person team will visit every other week to help you keep up on regular housework.

Kitchen – We’ll clean sinks, counters, cabinet faces, appliances faces, the stove/range top, floors, and empty the garbage.

Guest Bathroom – We’ll clean sinks, counters, tub/shower, toilet, mirrors, floors, and empty the garbage.

Common Areas – We’ll pick up and straighten the living area, dust and/or vacuum furniture, empty the trash, and vacuum/mop the floors.

Notice we didn’t mention bedrooms or all bathrooms? The key differences between Maids Lite and our regular 22-Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System are the types of rooms cleaned and level of detail. It is designed to help keep the common areas presentable without the added cost of scrubbing baseboards and other deep clean areas every visit. Also, by leaving the private areas like bedrooms and bathrooms to you, we can be mindful of your budget and keep most cleans under $100 per visit! We still use the same products and equipment, the work is still completed by certified 2-person teams, and we still offer the same 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Maids Lite

22-Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System

Kitchen – Sinks, counters, appliance faces, stove, floors, empty garbage.

Kitchen – Sinks, counters, appliance exteriors, inside microwave, stove, cabinets, load dishwasher.

Guest Bathroom – (1 bathroom) Sinks, counters, tub/showers, toilets, mirrors, floors, empty garbage.

Bathrooms – (All bathrooms) Sinks, counters, tub/showers, toilets, mirrors, floors, change linens, light fixtures and switches, doors and door knobs, baseboards, cabinets, change/launder linens, empty garbage.

Common Areas – (no bedrooms) Pick up and straighten, dust/vacuum furniture, vacuum/mop floors.

ALL Rooms – (Including bedrooms, dens, rec room, etc.) Pick up and straighten, dust vacuum all sills/ledges/wall hangings/furniture/window coverings/air vents, vacuum/mop floors including stairs and under beds, change linens, make beds.

Windows – Patio door


Windows – Patio door, entry window, window over kitchen sink

Ideal for: Quick and cost-effective maintenance, homes<1500 sq. ft., 1-2 occupants. Busy professionals, roommates, bachelors/bachelorettes, part-time residents.

Ideal for: Thorough maintenance, homes>1500 sq. ft. 3+ occupants, pets. Families w/ children, those with allergies or breathing problems, and any health issues where regular disinfecting is a priority.

To decide if Maids Lite is right for you, ask yourself:

  1. Is my place 1500 sq. ft. or less?
  2. Could it use a little sprucing up every other week?
  3. Are the common areas more important to me than private spaces? (Common Areas Include Entry, Kitchen, Living/Dining Room, and Guest Bath. Private Areas Include Bedrooms, Master or Kids Bathrooms, Office, Laundry Areas)
  4. Do I prefer light housekeeping over deep clean service?

Keep in mind, our 22-Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System is always available to you should you need a spring clean, move-in/out service, or just want a thorough clean on an occasional basis.


If your home is over 1500 sq. ft. and you looking for light housekeeping on a budget, contact our office. We can customize your service and work with your budget to find the right solution for your needs!

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