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Designed to help maintain smaller spaces, Maids Lite is the ideal solution for keeping smaller homes, condos, and apartments clean and orderly.

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The Maids Scottsdale Arizona

The Best Maid Service or House Cleaning Services in Scottsdale, Arizona

Here at The Maids Scottsdale, we are always looking to give our clients the best possible house cleaning service. We do this by having the most efficient cleaning methods and by utilizing environmentally friendly cleaning supplies. Many services out there will make promise after promise about getting your home cleaner.  Well, we mean it! You will have no doubts that you are receiving a top notch cleaning service with a dependable and well-trained staff in your home. We strive to constantly improve our services and that's what makes The Maids second to none.

Without compromising quality, we provide impeccable services for a reasonable rate. Besides performing a full background check on all our employees, we train our workers to fully understand every single one of their duties thoroughly.  We take pride in having the best trained cleaning service staff which ends up providing our customers with service that cannot be matched. You can rest assured that your home will be clean and safe for you and your family to enjoy.

We make sure that all of our team members treat each and every home with the standards that you come to expect from the leading house cleaning service in Scottsdale.  Since our staff is expertly trained on all the duties performed in your home, here are some things you can expect:

  • Our precise 22-step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System will make each and every room in your home have that freshly cleaned scent. We keep your home safe by only using environmentally safe cleaning supplies.

  • To guarantee a cleaner AND more hygienic home, we use our uniquely designed backpack vacuums with HEPA filtration. Your home will be free of 99% of any allergens, dust, and other irritants that can affect you and your family.

  • Even the miniscule details, from the shiny door knobs to the sparkling sink are not overlooked and come with every cleaning. Our staff are trained to work consistently and keep the highest quality cleaning you expect – something we demand from our teams.

Our services will not only contribute to your home being cleaner but will let you relax and not worry about the thought of having to clean. Let someone else do it for you and with pleasure, pride, and integrity. The Maids is the best choice in the Scottsdale area for home cleaning and so much more.  Trust us to give you an excellent clean – that's why we're Referred for a Reason.

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